1. I can so easily imagine myself in her position

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  3. pet borrows Sir's plug and takes it out on a run ;o
    Sir's deliciously devilish plug


    pet borrows Sir’s plug ;o



  5. sarahcdlondon:

    I haven’t sinned enough! (Yet) x

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  6. bigdaddyblog:

    It is hard to think while a bare cock is driving inside you, and your body is shaking from the sissygasm ripping through you..but you know immediately that you want this more and more, over and over…

    I’ve come so close to a sissygasm while fucking myself with a dildo…. So maddeningly, frustratingly close…

    I wonder what it would take to finally push me over that edge.

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  7. ruberhuuded:



    Aye, tis I ;o)

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  8. Damn this gurl. Can’t decide if I want to fuck her or be her. 

    Maybe I can take turns…Wait. That seems weird.

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  10. How many times could you use me in a night before you finally said, “i done,” and let me collapse, confused, spent, used, full of desire, my brain nothing but a ball of white noise and competing wants?

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