1. sissybitchtrixie:

    I was taught at ten How to be a good lil sissy bitch

    Yes, please



  3. sissybitchtrixie:

    Oh Yes first fuck my mouth than my sissy pussy and after you cum in me fuck my mouth so I can taste the both of us and clean off your cock Daddy

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  4. rockabilly26:

    Her mission to have you become her sissy/lesbian lover has been completed. You have turned into a sexy sissy for pleasure. Your locked cock rarely feels freedom. Your tongue brings her greater pleasure than your cock ever will.

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  5. sensualhumiliation:

    I M M O B I L E !!

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  7. I love it when you cry out.

    With me you can be merciless….



  10. secretfemboi:


    ask away!

    Humiliate me with your questions!

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